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Patron Tamper RP400

Patron Tamper RP400 $200/day; $800/week

Excellent for compacting medium to deep layers of granular soils. The high speed, balanced design, and hydraulic control system contribute to easy, precise handling on the roughest of surfaces or for spot compaction. 

The RP400 has a 26 inch plate and is powered by a 13 H.P. Honda Engine, vibrating at 3,600 vpm and a 11,690 ft. lbs. of centrifugal force and it's total weight is 878 lbs.

  • Hydraulic forward/reverse lever
  • Low fuel consumption and emissions
  • Heavy-duty protective frame
  • Impact-resistant steel covers
  • High-quality bottom plate
  • Compaction indicator

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MBW GP500 23 inch plate tamper

MBW GP550 22" Plate Tamper $125/day; $500/week

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Mikasa 17 inch plate compactor

Mikasa 17” plate tamper $75/day; $300/week

The single eccentric rotor produces compaction (centrifugal) force that makes the machine move forward. Comperativly light and maneuverable.

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MBW 12 inch plate tamper

MBW 12" plate tamper $65/day; $260/week

Lightweight plates are easy to lift and maneuver about the jobsite. Ideally suited for small to medium compaction applications.

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Gasoline power jumping impact rammer

MT Rammer Jumping Jack $95/day; $380/week

Commonly used in confined areas, such as trenches or housing sites; could also be used on sand and gravel. Rammer Jumping Jacks are designed to withstand tough site conditions.

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