Posthole Augers, choosing the right tool.

The type of soil, possible obstructions like roots or rocks and the number of holes will become factors in what tool will be the best for rapid, painless, project completion. Other factors like the width and depth of the posthole are related to the diameter and above ground height of the post you are setting.

One Man Hole Digger or Ground Auger

Gas powered post hole auger $85/day

This gasoline-powered auger is ideal for making holes up to six inches wide in soft sand or loose soil without any clay, rocks, or tree roots.  This machine is a 1 person operated machine and is not very powerful.  This machine only has 55 foot pounds of torque. WARNING: Striking buried obstructions such as tree roots, rocks and other debris at any specific engine operating speed can cause the hole digger to transmit reactionary type "impact" loads to the operator. Effects are alike to that of utilizing a common electric drill and is termed as kickback. If the operator begins to feel a loss of control, they must push themselves away from the ground auger. Because of possible "kickback" forces the operator should loosely control this unit.

Ground-Hog Hydraulic Ground Auger

Ground-hog towable post hole auger $103/half day; $165/day

This variable speed auger has forward and reverse auger rotation with three handlebar positions; two for normal drilling and one for close up drilling and towing. The drilling head pivots from side to side for drilling on uneven terrain. While in use, no torque is transferred to the operator.

This unit runs at 145 r.p.m. at 3600 rpm no load.  It has 275 foot pounds of torque.


Ditch Witch SK755 Mini Skid Steer

$225/day $900/week includes bucket and pallet fork attachments and the post hole auger with any one post hole bit, as shown, is an additional $50/day.

Our customers have commented that this unit will accomplish over twice the work in the same time as the towable Ground-hog hydraulic digger above.